Wayncor™ 222 – Corrosion Inhibitive Pigment

Zinc Phosphate

Wayncor™ 222 is a white, non-refractive, anti-corrosive pigment used in protective coatings. It is widely considered by the coatings industry to be a standard corrosion inhibitor. It exhibits a high degree of versatility and is compatible with almost all commercially available aqueous and solvent based coatings. The use level will vary depending upon resin system, pigment volume concentration and desired performance parameters, however typical use levels are between 3 – 10% total formula weight.

Characteristic Test Method Typical Value
Appearance   White powder
Zinc as ZnO [%]   63 - 65
Phosphate as P₂O₅ [%]   35 - 37
Specific Gravity ASTM
Bulking Value [gal/lb] [l/kg]   0.036
5.5 - 8.0
Conductivity [micro Siemens] ASTM
< 150
Loss on Ignition at 600°C [%] ASTM
D-6280 (A3)
10.0% Max.
Oil Absorption [lbs/100 lbs] [kg/100kg] ASTM
17 - 30
17 - 30
Apparent Bulk Density, Tapped [g/100 cm³]   60 - 95
Fineness of Grind [Hegman Value] ASTM
6.0 Min.
Mean Particle Size [microns] Malvern

These are typical values and do not represent specifications.


Suggested Applications:
  • Short and Medium Oil Alkyds
  • Long Oil Alkyds
  • High Solids Alkyds
  • Epoxies – Solvent and Water
  • High Solids Epoxies
  • Polyurethanes 1K and 2K
  • Alkyd Emulsions
  • Epoxy Dispersions
  • Acrylics and Modified Acrylics
  • Hybrids
  • Baking Enamels
  • Water Reducible Alkyds

Performance in other systems has not been fully evaluated.

Comparable To:

Halox Zinc Phosphate, Z-Plex 250, Heubach ZP 10BS, ZP10, SNCZ PZW2

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