About WPC Technologies

WPC Technologies is the leading American-owned manufacturer and developer of corrosion inhibiting pigments and stain inhibitors. Since 1975, WPC has provided the world's paint and coatings industry with quality products for our global customers. Our team prides itself on providing superior customer service and quality solutions to our customers' needs.

WPC Technologies corrosion inhibiting products are made to order in the United States at our headquarters in Oak Creek, Wisconsin with shipping available globally. Our line of products (including environmentally friendly Hybricor™ Hybrid Inhibitors, formulation flexible Corrosion Inhibitor PigmentsStain Blockers for dark wood tannins, and rust preventative Flash Corrosion Inhibitors) can be customized for a variety of requirements by our customers.

WPC Worker in Production Bay WPC Products for Military Applications

WPC Technologies serves a global customer base for the following industries:

  • Aerospace - Our products help protect aircraft from harsh environmental conditions, ensuring safety and durability in high-altitude operations. These solutions are vital for maintaining the structural integrity of aerospace equipment.
  • Military - WPC's corrosion inhibitors are crucial for the longevity and reliability of military equipment, offering protection in various challenging environments, from deserts to marine settings.
  • Industrial - Our solutions are tailored to sustain industrial machinery, offering resistance to extreme conditions, which is essential for maintaining productivity and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Construction - In the construction industry, WPC's products contribute significantly to the durability and longevity of materials, protecting them against environmental wear and tear.
  • Agriculture - For agricultural equipment, which often operates in demanding conditions, WPC's products provide essential protection, ensuring operational efficiency and longevity.
  • Building and Infrastructure - Our solutions play a critical role in enhancing the durability and lifespan of buildings and infrastructure, crucial for long-term structural integrity.
  • Municipal - In municipal settings, WPC's products help maintain public assets like water systems and transportation infrastructure, providing necessary corrosion resistance.
  • Automotive - For the automotive industry, WPC's corrosion-resistant components are key to vehicle durability and longevity, ensuring reliability over time.
  • Pipeline - Our products help protect pipeline systems against corrosion, essential for the safe and efficient transport of fluids, oil, and gases.
  • Commercial - WPC's products aid in maintaining commercial buildings and equipment, enhancing their durability and performance, which is vital for business operations.

Corrosion Inhibiting Pigments for Automotive Applications

Corrosion Inhibiting Pigments for Infrastructure

Corrosion Inhibiting Pigments for Construction Equipment