Wayncor™ 205 – Corrosion Inhibitive Pigment

Calcium Modified Silica

Wayncor™ 205 is an anti corrosion pigment that utilizes a calcium ion exchange mechanism to inhibit the corrosion process. Its near neutral pH allows it to be used in a wide variety of formulas without a negative impact on paint stability. The fine Hegman grind (6.5 minimum) permits its use in thin film applications (4 – 10 microns) such as coil coatings and in more traditional industrial applications where the dry film thickness is higher. This fine Hegman value also allows the product to be high speed dispersed. The Wayncor™ 205 mechanism works well on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. Wayncor™ 205 can be used as the sole corrosion inhibitor or synergistically with other inhibitive technologies.

Characteristic Test Method Typical Value
Appearance   White powder
Ca as CaO [%]   40 - 45
Silicate as SiO₂ [%]   45 - 50
Specific Gravity [g/cm³] ASTM
Bulking Value [gal/lb] [l/kg]   [gal/lb] 0.049
[l/kg] 0.409
7.0 - 9.0
Loss on Ignition 600°C [%] ASTM
D-6280 (A3)
< 9.0
Oil Absorption [lbs/100 lbs] [kg/100kg] ASTM
[lbs/100 lbs] 60 Max.
[kg/100kg] 60 Max.
Apparent Bulk Density, Tapped [g/100 cm³]   30 - 55
Fineness of Grind [Hegman Value] ASTM
6.0 Min.
Mean Particle Size [microns] Malvern

These are typical values and do not represent specifications.


Suggested Applications:
  • Solvent based polyesters
  • Solvent and water based polyurethanes
  • Solvent and water based epoxies
  • Acrylics
  • Solvent Based Alkyds
  • Water Reducible Alkyds
  • Siloxanes

Performance in other systems has not been fully evaluated.

Comparable To:

Heubach Heucosil CTF and SNCZ XCA02

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