Stainban™ 186

Aqueous Tannin Stain Inhibitor Additive for Wood Primers

Stainban™ 186 is a zinc free, odorless, aqueous tannin stain inhibitor additive for water based primers. The unique mechanism of this product allows it to effectively block tannins in stains, and pigmented coatings. It can be easily incorporated at any stage of the paint manufacturing process and is compatible with a wide range of surfactant and dispersants. Stainban™ 186 is effective at any PVC value of primers, however, it is more economical at higher PVC. It may reduce or eliminate the need for zinc oxide in primer formulations. Paints made with Stainban™ 186 have good storage stability and improved humidity resistance. It is HAPS free and does not contribute to VOC. Typical use level ranges from 1 – 4% based upon total formula weight.

Disclaimer: Avoid contact of product with metal objects, except Stainless Steel. Do not store in metal containers.

Characteristic Test Method Typical Value
Appearance   Clear Liquid
Potassium as K₂O[%]   15 -16
Zirconium as ZrO₂ [%]   17 - 20
Water [%]   47 - 49
Specific Gravity ASTM
1.50 - 1.60
10.5 – 12.0
Solubility in Water   Complete
Solids [%]   41.0 - 43.0
Volatile Organic Compounds, [VOC]   0
Heavy Metals [%]   0
Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS) [%]   0

These are typical values and do not represent specifications.


Suggested Applications:
  • For all wood species
  • Acrylic Primers
  • Acrylic Blends
  • Styrenated Acrylics
  • Alkyds

Performance in other systems has not been fully evaluated.

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